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Pietra Filosofale

Montepulciano in rosé 100% direct pressing without skins.

Quarto Vuoto

Trebbiano 100% direct pressing without skins, Ripa teatina.

Viaggio a Ixtlan

Montepulciano 100% semi-carbonic maceration of 10 days.


Montepulciano 100%, grapes of Pratola peligna calcareous soil.


We make
good wine

Am a producer, who for more than 10 years have been producing and transforming grapes into wine, but only since 2019 have I put my cellar in order, which was previously only a wine-garage.
I have always fermented my must in a natural way without adding any selected yeast, no filtration and clarification, I have never added sulfur dioxide, nor other chemical additives, in any of my wines, trying to use only the utmost attention in the vineyard and in the cellar!!!
I like to experiment and always try to make new vinifications, always trying to find "the perfect wave". In the cellar I try to use the utmost cleanliness and infuse only positive energy into my wines, hoping to always create something new.

The process

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